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On Film Festivals and Fall Season

I. I know where my future lies. In not working. I would be 200% happier without the black hole of a time consumer called school, and after that’s done, work’s just going to replace these hours. Deep cry. I’d show you my to-do list but that would just be depressing. The fact that I used to be a vegetable before this blog and Norway, is really messing with me now. In the past year, I’ve discovered how cool the world can be if you care about things, are passionate about them and take part. Translating, volunteering, writing and taking photos are all fun and games, but I need some time to read a book, watch a film, write in this blog, read others’ blogs, go hiking, play with my dachshund and cook food every once in a while.

So, sleep or school, one of them has to go. I love all my hobbies too much to quit any.

II. In that tone, guess what happened a few days ago? Estonia’s main film festival, PÖFF (Black Nights Film Festival) is among the top 15 film festivals. They have a subcategory for youth films where they gather a few people to write reviews and I was chosen as one! I am super proud and extremely excited. We had our first meeting today and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m going to watch and review a Danish film before it and wow, my first review in my native language? Going to be fun.

Not really sure yet what this will mean for the blog, because I don’t know if and when I have permission to publish these reviews, but I think this place will be slow in November, too — the festival takes place over the last two weeks in November. I’ll also get the opportunity to go watch all main program films. This right here is a film blogger’s heaven.

III. All TV series are coming back or starting up and it’s making me sad. First of all, the shows I’ve binge-watched and loved (Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, looking at you) have turned so bad that I’m probably not going to waste my time with all of the crappy episodes and there is literally one new show I’ve started watching. But oh, it’s a good one — How to Get Away with Murder. A post on it is coming, probably after the 3rd episode. I love the plot, the editing, the acting, the characters, the humor — everything, really.

Also, on TV — I’ve decided that there will be a HIMYM post, after all. The emotions about the conclusion of the show are still burning inside me.

IV. I’m turning 19 next week. Weirdly, this fact hardly crosses my mind, I’m just vaguely aware of it because I realised what a great opportunity this is for an awesome post. What kind of a post? Yeah, no, I have no clue. Maybe I’ll just give a gift to myself — a gift of devoting a few hours to reading all of my favourite blogs’ posts. I really should do that, and I will. At some point.

V. Even though I haven’t read anything, I understand that everyone’s writing about Gone Girl. I saw it too, but I can’t imagine writing a review because I’m still so disturbed by it. Was it good? Not sure, but it definitely made me feel filthy for days after.

Feel absolutely free to comment on any of this, and I’d so appreciate if you’d leave a link of a post that you’ve published in the past week or two and that you are proud of. It would jump-start my blog reading marathon. Thank you so much!

(On…) A Life Update

I. I have been back home for almost three weeks and everything is super confusing.

II. That notion deserved a separate point, you know. I rarely get what my life is these days. It took me a lot longer to get my hands on a computer than I expected, and I have been sick with a cold for the better part of the time I’ve been back. (I got a beautiful laptop though, so I can finally promise to post regularly! Laptops are a gift from god!) So what did I do? I went to the cinema on my first day back (and Maleficent was awesome), watched a whole lot of Shameless and found a lot of comfort in cold medicine and early seasons of Two and a Half Men, even saw Mamma Mia! again. It was wonderful, and holy shit, there were so many innuendos I missed when watching it when younger. I also read a lot. And somehow managed to meet with many people and go to a lot of parties, before I was sick and after I got better. It’s been crazy and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m honestly happy.

 Not sure if anyone keeps track, but I’ve been the worst with Blind Spot Series. I have seen a few of the films, I just haven’t reviewed them. Once life settles down a bit (August, maybe?), I’ll tend to all the stuff I’ve neglected, but I’ve kind of given up on the idea that I’ll have even one day I get to spend a day on catching up to everything. I’m always stealing snippets of time from here and there. (Right now, for example, I should be sleeping before I get up early to go surfing, but I really owe this post to this blog.)

IV. I was gone for what, less than a month, and WordPress has already redesigned everything. I’ve been staring at the new format the whole time I’ve been writing this post, and I think I like it. It looks good and clean.

V. Thanks for your attention, and see you guys soon, and more often for the rest of the summer, aye?  🙂

On Freaking Out, Supernatural and TFiOS Tearfest + links

I. Go on and look into my archives. Look at last summer. The time has come. [….dramatic music with high piano notes.] This year, being all legal and with a domain, I am actually planning to stick around, but I’m not off to a great start. I have a reason. I have a really fucking good reason. In one week, I’ll be boarding a plane that will take me away from my life in Norway. I haven’t been able to sleep for two weeks; I just start panicking and find myself, at 3am, eating chocolate, watching Supernatural and pausing to either see if it’s light outside yet or to explore an idea I’ve had (some of them: training sledge dogs in Alaska, volunteering in Chad, studying in Sweden, waitressing in Cambodia). I’m not in a good place mentally, but I’m pretty sure no exchange student is, waiting for their life to be smashed into pieces. Thing is, I have no idea where these pieces are. Buried somewhere in the sea between my two countries, I guess.

II. There will be no 20 things I love about post tomorrow, as I have been too busy to write anything. However, I might do next week’s one on Supernatural. See, I decided that if I’m not sleeping anyways, I could catch up with that show, as I stopped watching halfway. The finale was really good. And Mette’s tweets have made me hungry for a rewatch. So I’ll be rewatching SPN in July and I loved the first five or six seasons. (Oh, and reviews, I guess — cinema is basically free in Estonia, so I’ll be hidden away there as often as possible.)

III. ~Next review will be on The Fault in Our Stars. I went to see it and cried through most of it, but it wasn’t the film. It was the book, coming to life. John Green is a very good writer, and I remembered pieces of his writing as I heard the dialogue and saw some details. Ansel Elgort really surprised me, in a good way, and Woodley was amazing. I’m going to have to start standing up for her — I’ve loved her in everything she’s been in, no matter the dumb things she does.

IV. Finally, I’d like to take a moment to say a big thank you to the people who haven’t forgotten about me as I’ve been absent this past week, from both this blog and yours. I promise I’ll get back to all of you as soon as I can, but I really have to prioritise the last days with my family and friends in Norway. Thank you all so much for making this community be so great! (I don’t doubt that you guys will forgive me. If you won’t, let me know and I’ll send you a chocolate puppy or something.)

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Game of Thrones spoilers below!

This is my 100th post. It was supposed to be really special and cool, but instead, I watched The Mountain and the Viper and after ten hours, I still find it difficult to breathe. So instead of bathing in the glory of putting out close to 40 reviews in my blogging times, and that you can now just type in in your address bar to get here, I’ll instead share a few thoughts on Thrones and the films I’ve seen this weekend.


  • Dany sent Jorah away because he betrayed her (wow, drama!). I didn’t understand it really, and I’m never watching that fucking episode again, so that’s that, but it felt sad. Especially with this in mind.
  • Arya and the Hound finally made it, only to find out Lysa’s dead. That was a hilarious scene.
  • The Wildlings attacked and Ygritte spared Gilly with her baby, which was super lovely.
  • And then the world gets fucked in the ass. Sorry. I don’t think it’s possible to say this too harshly. Everybody’s sharing gifs of Cersei’s joy, but before that, I was so happy to see her disappointment when Oberyn got the upper hand.
  • I still cannot believe that ending happened. I’m glad I just watched Atonement, because now I can compare that twist to something. Beyond cruel. I hope someone skins the Mountain. That shithead.
  • I bet Tyrion’s going to kill Tywin and get away. If not, someone’s getting punched in the face.

  • Before all that happened and I was left to pick up pieces of my brain, I actually had a really nice weekend visiting a friend.
  • Inspired by Nostra’s iconic movie character relay, I got my friend and her little sister to watch E.T. with me. I’d never seen it before, but I really wanted to, and it was so great!
  • On Sunday morning, I got up at 12pm and was still the first one up, so I started watching Howl’s Moving Castle — something I’ve wanted to see for ages, and they had it! It was really, really great and Calcifer, the powerful fire demon pictured above, won my heart at once.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of films lately, films I never thought I’d get to: Mads Mikkelsen in The Royal Affair (really good!), Chaplin’s The Gold Rush (I think I like silent films…) and I’ll see A Single Man tomorrow. Because this Monday hasn’t been depressing enough.

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credit where it is due: first three pictures are from this hilarious Thrones recap, and the gifs are from Sati’s tumblr.