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Supernatural 506 “Heaven Can’t Wait” recap


Not that Mark Shepperd hasn’t always been awesome, but Crowley is the absolute best thing about this season.

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Supernatural 905 “Dog Dean Afternoon” recap


I’d almost given up hope on this series because the last three episodes after the ever-brilliant premiere of this season have been immensely disappointing – but hooray, they picked themselves back up! Honestly, anyone who loves Supernatural’s earlier seasons and who loved Doctor Doolittle cannot but smile at this episode.

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Supernatural 904 “Slumber Party” mini recap

Headlines: Charlie is fun, even if this episode was very random and imho, too light for Supernatural – though it was great to see Sam finally raising a bit of a fuss over the Zeke-thing. Portrayal of the Wicked Witch was cool and Crowley’s reaction was the highlight of the episode. A fun filler episode, yet kinda made me think maybe this season could be 22 episodes and that would be okay.

Supernatural 903 “I’m No Angel” recap

I’m amazed with the views on these recaps, so I’ll most definitely keep on doing them – but yeah, no, I wasn’t originally planning to even talk about 903. It hurts too much. A lot of ranting and a lot of hate.

Kinda like I felt after this episode, thinking “Season 9 might turn good again!”

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