Perfect Sense (2011)

perf sense 2

Perfect Sense was a film full of lyricism. The entire film went by flowing easily at a pace unfamiliar to us in film, but also being something that makes you want to dig out the goriest zombie bloodbath flick you’ve got and watch it right after that. Though, whatever you do, this film  especially the ending  will still haunt you for days.

perf sense 4

Perfect Sense is a story of unlikely love that begins just as the world is overtaken by an epidemic of people losing their senses one by one. It’s horrifying, yet this is not the focus of the film. As the epidemic spreads, Michael and Susan drift apart, not able to deal with both the loss of their senses and the newfound fragile love.

perf sense 3

While the epidemic is not the most important part here, it is played out marvellously. I am usually not the one for using pictures in a film but here it portrays panic and provides the right ambience with such flair that you simply cannot but admire it. We don’t merely get a love story: we get what’s around it, and we get to see the actions that lead to Michael and Susan acting the way they do around each other, and apart from each other. It is nothing short of gorgeous, the way this film is made.

perf sense

And finally, what ties all of this together, are the spectacular performances by Eva Green and Ewan McGregor, and the rest of the small cast. I loved them and I loved their romance (and remember, I puke nine out of ten times there’s a love story involved). In fact, everyone seems to have had brought their A–game to this production – the cinematography is just as good and I’ve now got my eye on director David Mackenzie. If I gave ratings (should I?), this film would get a near perfect one.

15 responses to “Perfect Sense (2011)

  1. You’ve sold me on this one Elina! I hope Netflix has this. I love both cast and the subject matter sure is intriguing.

    Btw, Five for the Fifth is up now 😉

  2. Yes to the ratings.. as in.. two cans of coke or three or four.. 😀

    • Ma tahtsin teha kvaliteediga ehk parimast halvemaks (1) klaaspudelis, (2) purgis, (3) plastpudelis ja ERITI hea oleks kirsikoka ja ERITI halb koka zero… aga natuke liiga keeruliseks läheks vist. 😀 Aga eks see midagi kokateemalist olema saab. 😀

      • No minu oma tundus ka liiga keeruline, ma ei teagi, kas inimestel on selge veel ja see pea aasta vanem. Aga klaas tühi, klaas natuke täis, klaas half full, klaas täiesti täis.. klaas koos mingi vihmavarjuga.. 5 oleks juba käes 😀

        • Minul on enam–vähem selge igatahes 😀 Ja eks ma nuputa siis seda… ratingutevärki. Eesti keelt ma küll enam ei oska, hjelp. 😀

          Ja nii tore, et glass half full, elagu positiivsus 😀

  3. Brittani Burnham

    Great review! I’ve never heard of this, but now I want to see it. I’m totally with Mettel Ray on the ratings based on cans of coke too. 🙂

    • Haha, the ratings will certainly involve some Coke. 😉 And really? I’m glad to have introduced it then – it was truly a striking film. If you see it, let me (us) know what you thought, yeah? 🙂

  4. Your opening statement nails it and, put plainly, the film wholly benefits from its unique take on a familiar post-apocalyptic formula. If you haven’t already, check out 2010’s Stake Land for more of the same despite it being an out-and-out horror effort. Excellent review!

  5. Great look at this one Elina. I absolutely loved it and would second your near perfect rating. It was a real surprise for me and even better to see a Scottish film come along with real class about it.

  6. Glad you liked the film! It’s a hugely underrated little gem.

  7. Eva Green & Ewan McGregor, and I never heard about it? Wow, I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks Elina! 🙂

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