The First Spill

This is a more-than-shameless idea adaption from Mettel Ray – a conclusive post per week, featuring anything truly captivating written by others. Alright. Have at it.


Everybody else (and some of the above) were busy with being considered for nomination at the 2013 Lammys. I profoundly hope I’m not breaking the film blogger code here but here are a few of the awesome posters that have been created and that I’ve seen. I’m crossing my fingers for some of them but mostly am relishing in the fact that I’m not eligible to be a part of the LAMB yet so I don’t have to make the nearly impossible choices – they are all worth to be nominated.


And although he doesn’t have a poster (or I just couldn’t find it), Tyson Carter at Head In A Vice with his abundant nominations needs a mention too.

PS. Tomorrow’s my first day back in school after spring break and it’s 2 am which means I have to get up in roughly four hours. Thanks, film blogging business. God, I’m going to die tomorrow… much love still!

9 responses to “The First Spill

  1. Here’s another poster. 🙂 Mark from Marked Movies.

  2. Thanks for the mention here Elena. I didn’t do a poster (my poster guy was too busy/lazy) but if I get through this round I’ll do something. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my FYC poster!:)

  4. Thanks for the link!

    Those are some really cute Lammys posters. More keep coming and they are getting better and better! I love seeing other’s creativity at play.

    I like your recommendations, keep ’em coming B-)

  5. Thanks for the link! The conversation around SPRING BREAKERS has been fascinating to keep up with, and should get even more fascinating as more people get to see it in the coming weeks.

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