Supernatural 903 “I’m No Angel” recap

I’m amazed with the views on these recaps, so I’ll most definitely keep on doing them – but yeah, no, I wasn’t originally planning to even talk about 903. It hurts too much. A lot of ranting and a lot of hate.

Kinda like I felt after this episode, thinking “Season 9 might turn good again!”

The beginning started off great. Sam being healthy Sammy, Ezekiel being cool as a cucumber, a faction of angels that make the episode’s theme very predictable, but nevertheless interesting. Reverend Buddy Boy and the angel possession avec the innocent girl explosion were incredibly Supernatural and fit the religious theme as well as the SPN nature.

I’m No Angel was obviously a Castiel–centric episode, and it started off very well. Cas eating with the homeless and saying he “often finds the people with the least to give are the most generous” is again, Supernatural at its best, drawing attention to the consumerist and wasteful Western culture. The church scene, though, might be my favourite yet in the episode – the use of music is lovely, the woman in the church is very, very good here. “It’s not possible because I have my faith.” Perfect. And I think we’d all like to hope this gave Cas some directive, some new hope.

And then this episode turns to shit. What the fuck with the reapers freelancing? Jumping ahead, I’ll say the dude was weird in a bad way all through the episode and this was not a good solution. Here we go again with the re–usal of storylines that didn’t work on the first time… good job, writers! I’d say f… you, but I’m saving it for later. God, I hate this episode.

spn903Jesus H. Christ, what’s wrong with Russia, Canada and Iceland?

But there’s still hope: Cas’s journey to the bunker as a homeless man continues as good as ever. Dealing with world issues – gorgeous, Supernatural! I’ll never tire of saying that Misha Collins makes a great human Cas, now exploring the world of the poorest, with comic relief not overplaying the serious elements. Super well done. Unfortunately, the only thing well done in this ep.

And we get to the saddest, and probably the most terrible part of Supernatural. Ever. We’ve given an amazing character for five seasons, with each part of his identity being crafted slowly, carefully and beautifully. But apparently turning from angel to human is cue for changing the entire personality of a character. Cas having sex with a random stranger is some kind of hybrid behaviour from Dean and Sam, yet one of the main reasons Cas was such a great character is that he was different from the Winchesters. Oh, just fuck you, whoever came up with that shit – as the man himself said, in the episode, it was pointless. Looking for shelter, eating toothpaste, shivering from the cold – bring it all in. That shit? Mmmmm, no. Who in the whole wide world even wanted that? Was it just so Dean could make a joke? And Cas turning manipulative with the “it might be unwise to kill me” –  GTFO, that’s just not Cas.

I hated this, all of this. I’m not gonna pretend I’m not one of these people who’d love Dean and Cas together and yes, I am mad that they sunk my ship, because I adore looking for tiny clues in scenes – but I’ve never expected or hoped for it to be canon. The reason I – and many others – are pissed is because this was so out of character. The only character who they could’ve played this out with right now would’ve been Meg. Build–up over the seasons, plus adding some angel–demon–human dynamics… yep, I could see that. Instead, they killed one of the most beloved characters off and left us with “Clarence.” Cute, but wrong. And feels like mockery as a whole. A double– no, triple fuck you to the people responsible for this episode.

Oh, and since when does Dean get an ultimatum to dump his family and he’s just okay? We all know about the brothers’ co–depencence, and season eight’s finale made it very clear Dean would always choose Sam, but we haven’t been introduced to Dean who doesn’t fight for his family. The ending was obviously rushed and I’d just like to ask why. There was plenty of shit to cut out (i.e. the scene I would kill not to have happened), so why didn’t they do that?

Oh, and the promo for the next episode? Are the writers as unable to deal with problems as a moody teenage girl or Dean? I’m slowly losing faith over here.


  • The portrayal of homelessness and dealing with important social issues, good ol’ Supernatural style
  • “Do you ever read the labels?” “I read pie. The rest is just blah blah blah.”
  • Dean bursting through the door to save Cas

4 responses to “Supernatural 903 “I’m No Angel” recap

  1. Yay! I love reading your recaps and this one is quite lengthy. I’m excited 🙂

    Good flow as usual, witful comments, and a fun tone. I can see that you weren’t pleased with the second half of the episode. Not many people liked it and it commonly had a low rating. I didn’t even notice the map haha but the church scene was really good and one of my favorite moments, too!

    Waa! Your bitterness reflects mine. I wasn’t pleased with this part, as well. I had to cut it out of my video recap, but there was a whole chunk where I felt that adding Clarence to the episode would have been more effective if Meg present.


    Next week will be better!

    • I only noticed the map thing because I paused the episode there to go to the toilet, tbh 😀 And thanks!! I actually really like recapping, as it turns out, even if it comes off more as a rant and less as an objective thing. 😀

      And I sure as hell hope so 😉

  2. Yeaah… this pretty much sums up my feelings on this episode. I don’t get the point of Cass having sex with that woman, and the whole “it’s me or him” just makes no sense, going down like that. It made a bit sad because I was finally glad I never stopped watching Supernatural. Hopefully it was a one time thing.

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