LATE NIGHT SPILL 9: who knew silent films can be fun


  • It’s half past ten in the evening and I want to do nothing but sleep. The second part of this week has been sleepy quiet, film–wise.
  • November will be awesome: Don Jon, Gravity, The Counselor, The Fifth Estate, Blue JasmineCatching Fire and Thor: The Dark World are all coming to Norway and I don’t care how broke I’ll be, I’ll see them all.
  • Until then I’m gonna keep myself entertained by the reviews. Not good for my spoiler avoidance, excellent for fun reading.
  • DIGITAL SHORTBREAD, a very insightful blog, gave ⅜ to The Counselor and the reviews are generally unfavourable. Disappointing, I know. The Fifth Estate got the same mark, but I still want to see it, bad. Benedict Cumberbatch makes everything good.
  • Speaking of Cumberbatch, Sherlock is coming back in January! Yay!! I watched Star Trek Into Darkness for the fourth time, first time outside of cinema – with my own DVD I got as a birthday gift (so cool!) and he was as good as ever.
  • I found a very, very good blog tonight: THE MOVIE SCENE, who reviewed Blue Jasmine, which is apparently superb. Another favouring review was from FRAME RATES.
  • Jumping a bit back in time, the Analyzing De Niro blogathon, led by Tyson (HEAD IN A VICE) and Mark (MARKED MOVIES) began! It’s my first–ever blogathon, so naturally, I’m excited. Check out the entries here! Considering the amount of participants, this thing’s gonna last for more than a month – wow!
  • I hope this image says enough. Yep, I started with 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die and A Trip to the Moon was awesome, and I also saw The Great Train Robbery. The splashes of colour were so impressive! 1902 and 1903… I had no idea all of this goes so far back.
  • Stevee is back and CINEMATIC PARADOX is up and running again! And her blog is where I got the inspiration to open the book (since we have it – the first edition – at home) and start watching.
  • I also saw Shame (excellent), Apocalypse Now! (three and a half hours were a stretch, but I love Vietnam War films, so me and my host bro stuck with it) and Carrie (1976), which redefined the horror genre. I’ve read a lot of reviews of the remake and everybody hates it – and I hated the trailer alone. Sissy Spacek’s eyes are incredible.
  • I really feel like I’m learning a lot about film. Next up are Scarface and Thelma & Louise. I’m excited!
  • Especially since apart from HIMYM, everything TV–wise sucked this week. Supernatural in particular. I think I’m just going to forget that episode ever happened. And think, season 5’s episode 3 (Free to be You and Me) was one of the greatest eps… not even talking about episode 4 (The End). Maybe SPN really does need to get off the air.
  • I’m No Angel is like HIMYM’s season 5 episode 7 (The Rough Patch) – an episode that shouldn’t have happened.
  • My comfort is watching films. So I’ll just do that.
  • Oh, and Breaking Bad! I just finished episode 10 of season 5 and HOLY SHIT, that series has a lot more twists I expected. I’m hooked and actually might watch the rest tomorrow. Brilliant.
  • On the traditional “unrelated note”, today I found out Birdy is fivemonths younger than me. I want to cry.
  • Thanks for reading!! To finish. On the right side: something I desperately miss from TVD. Gorgeous. And so damn classy.

13 responses to “LATE NIGHT SPILL 9: who knew silent films can be fun

  1. As a fellow 1001 member, I wish you the best on your cinematic journey. There will be highs and there will be lows. The complete list can be found at I’d keep track with that and see how far you are right now before you go any further.

  2. Glad to know Sherlock will be back in January! Shame is so, so good.

    Oh it’s great that you’re starting the 1001 list. I felt exactly like that when I started the list of shame (that’s 100 classic films I had never seen before – I could never do 1001, haha), and I still do, since I’ve compiled a list of like…. 400 something classic and cult films that I have yet to see. It’s a great feeling.

    I miss Klaus/Caroline, too! (hope that’s what you meant). They were perfect for each other. But now I like The Originals more than TVD, so… still got some Klaus and Elijah, not bad.

    • I have a lot of free time and film–loving host parents so I think I’ll manage a lot of them this year, but it will still be a fraction of the list… Good luck with your list, though!

      YEP, I meant Klaus/Caroline… they were absolutely perfect. I haven’t watched The Originals after the pilot for the simple lack of time… I think I’ll get around to it and watch all during the hiatus – they’re saying it’s a breath of fresh air and I believe them.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sofia!

  3. Aww, Shame. I really need to re-watch that sometime, I loved it so. I’ve always thought about reading 1001 movies to see before you die, but I’ve actually never even looked at the list. I probably should.

    • I hadn’t either before my host mum dug up the book and gave it to me after I said I haven’t seen nearly any of the classics. 😀 But it’s become a bit of an obsession now, I can’t wait to make some progress with the list.

  4. Good luck on the 1001 list! I have been working through all the Best Picture winners and even that is daunting. The more films I see the more I realize I STILL have to see. A Trip To The Moon is so cool – have you seen the Smashing Pumpkins video for “Tonight, Tonight”? It’s based on that movie.

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