Breaking Emotions: AWKWARD

Mettel Ray’s blogathon banner is on the right, if you want to know what’s going on. Out of FEAR and/or AWKWARD I went with only the latter this week. God knows good films can create a lot of awkwardness within and of course, I myself am excellent in feeling this.


the sex scene in ChloeUntitled-2

This film experience is and most likely will remain my most awkward film experience ever – the film’s not awkward, I am. The one time my love of going into films blind (I thought the no admittance under 16 was because of violence or something) was a bitch to me. I was with my dad and if you’ve seen this film, you know that the scene is very graphic. I just cringed all the way through the scene and pretended I dropped my phone. Twice.

the ending of Easy VirtueUntitled-3 copy

Easy Virtue is a film I really liked (Colin Firth, mmm) but I kinda got the vibe others didn’t. If you didn’t catch it, then the plot was that in the 1920s, a proper English young man brings home his new spouse, an American woman ten years older, a widow and a race car driver (Jessica Biel), and while the boy’s mum hates the woman, his dad (Firth) likes the spunk of the girl. The film, finally, ends in Biel leaving the boy for his own good and driving into the sunset (literally) with the boy’s dad. Must’ve been awkward for the wife. And the son.

the confrontation in Black SwanUntitled-5 copy

Black Swan is an amazing film, no doubt about that. And I say only good films can create moments that make you cringe because of what happens, not because of how bad the film is.1 When Nina (Natalie Portman) had hot sex with Lily (Mila Kunis)2, she woke up alone and hungover and was pissed at Lily for abandoning her. And then it all turned out to have been a wet dream and Lily riduculed her just a little bit. Poor Nina.

talking with feminists in Borat

I think Borat is a hilarious film, but it’s so, so offensive that I simply felt embarrassed for laughing sometimes – especially when Borat was busy explaining how a woman’s brain too small to think. And if you want a character who’s feeling awkward, try almost any American who talked to Borat.

Voldemort hugging Draco in HP7 part 2

Has this already been given the award of the most awkward hug in the world, ever? Volders hugging Draco is truly that: incredibly uncomfortable and awkward, with all the surrounding fear. Props to the people who made this!

other entries:

1 Okay, so this is kinda given, yes.
2 I hope one of the emotions is “fanning self” because then I can include that scene.

30 responses to “Breaking Emotions: AWKWARD

  1. That hug has to be the most awkward thing EVER in Harry Potter history. Great choices!

  2. Chloe with your dad? Yeah. AWK-ward.

    Agreed on the confrontation in Black Swan, as well.

  3. hahaha the Potter hug, I forgot about that! priceless

  4. Oooh Black Swan. Great choice! I also chose Borat in my list, but the dinner etiquette scene. Basically, this whole movie is sort of awkward but I love it.

  5. Awesome choices Elina! I really have to see Easy Virtue; it’s always been on my to-watch list. Love the choice for Black Swan and Borat. That hug in Deathly Hallows is awkwardly hilarious. The only boy who was embraced by the Dark Lord. 😀

  6. Haha the Borat one was great 😀

  7. I love any list that includes Black Swan 🙂 Voldemort hug is a classic!

  8. Brittani Burnham

    LOL – that hug from Voldemort was so out of place. I kind of cringed when I saw that. I so agree with that scene from Chloe. I guess I just don’t ever want to think of Amanda Seyfried fingering Julianne Moore. Now I have that image stuck in my brain again. Ugh.

  9. Hahaha, I just re-watched Borat recently. Good choice.

  10. I love your choices! I wouldn’t have thought of most of these but they definitely apply. I have been working out this list in my head the past few days myself. I can’t imagine watching Chloe with my dad. He would definitely turn it off because he would get bashful. I would probably just laugh nervously.

  11. Love the Borat mention! That whole movie was a pool of awkward.

  12. That must have been really awkward for you watching that scene in Chloe with your dad. When I was younger my mum used to cover my eyes while people were kissing in soaps so I can only imagine how embarassing it would be watching Chloe with parents. Great article and blog btw.

  13. Great stuff Elina! Boy it reminds me I need to get crackin’ and join Mettel’s blogathon! I actually like Easy Virtue, it’s not bad but yeah, that finale is awkward indeed. What did you think of the Tango scene?

    • I thought the tango scene was cool! I saw this once in cinema and later at home, I really liked it. I was so surprised at the mixed reviews. And can’t wait to read your entries. 😉

  14. Some interesting choices here.

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